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Elegant Abstract Background

I Provide Therapists Counsellors and Students With Regular, Dedicated and Professional Clinical Supervision and Guidance.



Christian is a qualified Clinical Supervisor and has been a dramatherapist for over 27 years and is founder of the multi-award winning Arts of Change counselling and therapy service.

Over the years, Christian has worked with complex issues such as eating disorders, physical and emotional abuse, PTSD, narcissism, bullying and more, across all age groups, genders, races and religious faiths. 

Supportive Friend


Are you searching for clinical supervision services that won’t break the bank? I offer trustworthy consultation, clinical supervision and group clinical supervision at significantly lower prices than other providers.

Psychologist Session

Free Consultation


Systemic Family Practitioner & Person-Centred Counsellor

" I have worked with Christian as my workplace supervisor for nearly 5 years. He is a warm, compassionate supervisor who has listened to and explored what was happening in my role and the everyday running of the organisation when there were safeguarding issues and personal aspects of my life flowed into my job. I would highly recommend him for his excellent supervisory skills and guidance, which I applied when working with my team, students, my own practice as well as personal matters. If you choose Christian, you will gain valuable insight, as well as a new perspective for your practice."

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